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New Smithsonian Head Pleads To Keep FOIA Exemption

The Smithsonian Institution, a federal agency with many environment-related research and public education activities, opposes a Congressional move that would subject it to the same open-records law that applies to other executive branch agencies.

EPA Hides Data on Pesticide Link to Bee Die-Off

The Environmental Protection Agency looks determined to keep the public from knowing whether a pesticide on which it has waived safety rules may be a factor in the worldwide bee die-off known as "colony collapse disorder."

Secret Study on Water Infrastructure Risks Now Available

A Congressional Research Service report on terrorism and security issues facing sewage treatment and drinking water plants, dams and reservoirs, and other water infrastructure is full of ideas that reporters could turn into local stories — if only they were allowed to see it.

TOOLBOX: Foreign Agents Database and More

This database is useful for environmental and energy reporters looking for mischief perpetrated by government officials and the industries who influence them with money.

Coal Ash Stories Untold in Many Communities

The December 2008 coal-ash spill at a Tennessee power plant has been making headlines for two weeks — but few journalists realize there are coal-ash stories to be unearthed in many communities. Here are some clues for finding them.

Comments Sought On Formaldehyde In Wood Products

Concerns over emissions from formaldehyde in pressed-wood products have been building for many years. California's new rules addressing the problem went into effect Jan. 1, 2009. Now EPA is looking at following suit.

USGS Announces Free Access To Satellite Image Archive

If you need information on land use changes over time, or on current land uses and character, you may want to check out decades-worth of globe-spanning satellite images that USGS has made freely available to the public.