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SEJournal Fall 2008, Vol. 18 No. 3

In this issue: Bringing Rachel Carson to the Silver Screen; The Environment Plays in the Prez Campaign; The Roots of Conservatives' E-view; Click the title for a hotlinked table of contents.


Can "Smart Grids" Really Help?

"Smart grids" are packages of technologies and services that allow two-way communication between homes and utilities, as well as between various parts of regional power distribution systems.

Supreme Court Case Could Affect Nearly 550 Power Plants

On Dec. 2, the US Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could decide whether the Clean Water Act (CWA) allows EPA to weigh costs and benefits when determining the best technology available for the cooling water intake structures at existing power plants.

EPA Libraries Open Doors

EPA reopened five libraries September 30, 2008, after fighting its own scientists, enforcement lawyers, open-information groups, and eventually Congress for two years in an unsuccessful effort to keep them closed.

Follow the Money: Oil and Coal Edition

Deep Throat's advice was never more needed: "Follow the money." Those reporters who want to follow Deep Throat's advice now have tools undreamed of in Woodward and Bernstein's hey-day.

UCS to Release Agency Media Policies Study in October

A forthcoming report by the Union of Concerned Scientists — expected the second week of October 2008 — will provide the most extensive documentation to date of federal agency press policies and their impact on environmental reporting.