SEJ Member Spotlight: Karen Schaefer

Karen Schaefer holds a handful of chat, leftover zinc and lead mining aggregate, during the 2015 SEJ conference tour of the Tar Creek Superfund site located in northeastern Oklahoma. Tar Creek, designated in 1983, is one of the largest Superfund sites in the country. © Photo by Lisa Hicks Snell, Publisher, Native American Times.


Oftentimes as a freelance journalist, finding work isn't easy. Sometimes you have to create a job for yourself. That's just what Karen Schaefer did with her recent quilt barn series for the Ohio Humanities. Listen as she gives us some great advice on making it as an independent freelance journalist by thinking out of the box and recreating our careers in new ways.

Listen to Karen's interview here (MP3/3.69 MB/00:03:57).

Listen to some of Karen's humanities work. In a few months, her quilt series will be posted here.


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