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Meet SEJ member Alec Luhn! Alec is an independent journalist with a focus on the changing communities and ecosystems of the far north. A Wisconsin native and fluent Russian speaker, he was previously a Moscow correspondent for the Guardian and The Daily Telegraph and a Scripps environmental journalism fellow. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, National Geographic, The New York Times, Time, CBS News Radio and VICE News. Alec has covered Arctic oil spills, wildfires, permafrost thaw, reindeer herding, mammoth tusk hunting and polar bear patrols. He's reported from the world's only floating nuclear power plant, the coldest permanently-inhabited place on Earth and Chernobyl reactor four.

Alec joined SEJ in 2020 and has been reading the EJToday daily to keep up on the news and get story ideas. Beyond that, he recommends SEJ membership to his colleagues because, "It's a very active organization to help inform, educate and connect environmental journalists around the United States and beyond."

See some of Alec's work:

Find Alec:

Twitter          @asluhn
Web              http://alecluhn.com
Instagram     @asluhn


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