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Meet SEJ member David B. Williams! David has long viewed himself as a writer whose goal is to help people develop better connections to the world around them. He has tried to do this by focusing on place-based stories centered on where he lives, in Seattle. In each of his books, which weave together human and natural history, David takes a deep dive into his subject, whether it's finding carved and terracotta animals on buildings, addressing the reshaping of Seattle's topography or exploring the multi-thousand-year long history of plants, animals and people in Puget Sound. His newest book is "Homewaters: A Human and Natural History of Puget Sound" (University of Washington Press, 2021). It is a nonfiction account of the long story of the Sound, tracing human history from the earliest records more than 12,500 years ago to present. He hopes that "Homewaters" encourages people to think more carefully about their actions and their impacts on the health of Puget Sound. In addition to SEJ, David is also a member of the National Association of Science Writers, Authors Guild and Northwest Science Writers Association.

 Regarding SEJ membership, David said, "It's always inspiring to know of other colleagues focused on the environment and to see their passion for their work and the world around them." He recommends membership "for networking, for staying up to date on environmental stories, and to support one's colleagues." Join him at SEJ today!

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