#SEJSpotlight: James Bruggers, Reporter, Inside Climate News

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Meet SEJ member James Bruggers! Jim covers the Southeast for Inside Climate News, where he sometimes collaborates or co-publishes with ICN partners that are part of its National Environmental Reporting Network. His beats range from coal to plastics to politics across the region. Jim has been based in Kentucky since December 1999 and previously reported in California, Washington, Alaska, and Montana.

As a member since 1992 and former president of the Board of Directors (2000-02), Jim has been deeply engaged with SEJ for nearly 30 years. He has been leading SEJ's hunt for Future Sites since the 2000's, and just issued a Request for Proposals from hosts and sponsors for upcoming SEJ annual conferences in 2024 and 2025.

Regarding the benefits of SEJ membership, he said, "SEJ programs and conferences have helped me understand the national and global context of the issues I cover. I find inspiration in SEJ's network of journalists — by following their work and getting to know them, I can more easily connect the dots of complex stories that play out across the globe. SEJ has always been about reporters helping reporters. The connections I have made in SEJ feel like close friends and family and have helped me navigate professional and personal challenges." Join Jim at SEJ today!

See some of Jim's stories for Inside Climate News:

Find Jim:

Twitter          @jbruggers
Facebook     /james.bruggers
Web             www.insideclimatenews.org/profile/james-bruggers/


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