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Meet SEJ member Lela Nargi! Lela is a freelance journalist who writes about science, food systems, social justice and the places where these topics intersect for a wide variety of outlets, including Civil Eats, Ensia, The Guardian, Hakai, JSTOR Daily, Nautilus and The Counter. Formerly, Lela worked as an editor at Working Mother and UrbanFamily; as a journalism instructor at Kingsborough Community College; and as a reporter at large for national magazines like People, Life and Entertainment Weekly. She is also an author of science books for kids, on topics such as honeybees, space, volcanoes, dinosaurs and ecosystems. Lela is currently living in a leafy corner of Brooklyn, NY with a depressed rabbit and a lot of houseplants.

When asked if she recommends SEJ membership to her colleagues, Lela said, "Yes, anyone who covers any aspect of science would benefit from being connected." Join Lela at SEJ today!

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Twitter         @LelaNargi
Web             LelaNargi.com
LinkedIn     /LelaNargi

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