#SEJSpotlight: Margie Bauman, Reporter, Fishermen's News and The Cordova Times

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Meet SEJ member Margie Bauman! Margie has been writing for Fishermen's News Online and their print publication for 25 years. For the past decade, she has also written for The Cordova Times, a weekly newspaper for the fishing community of Cordova on Alaska's Prince William Sound. The focus of Margie's writing for both publications is commercial fisheries and related environmental and economic issues in Alaska. She is a long-time Alaska resident with previous experience as a journalist in other states with United Press International, Associated Press and CBS News.

Margie wishes to acknowledge the value of networking as a member of SEJ. She received a huge amount of support from two SEJ members in her dive into environmental issues impacting commercial fisheries. Both are professors at her alma mater, Michigan State University, and encouraged her to join SEJ: David Poulson, senior associate director, and Eric Freedman, director, of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. They have been amazingly helpful in directing her to so many more possible story sources.

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LinkedIn     /margaret-bauman-04916135
Web            thecordovatimes.com/author/margaret-bauman/


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