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Meet SEJ member Marianne Messina! As a freelance editor and journalist, Marianne has contributed hundreds of articles to print and web news outlets and magazines. She's an NEA arts journalism fellow and spent many years covering performing arts for Metro Silicon Valley, in Calif. She has developed, edited or managed web magazines, a web community for the arts and a college website. Over the past four years, Marianne has been writing from a "solutions" perspective, and following topics such as conservation technologies, oceans, sustainability and food traceability. She's very interested in methane detection and regulation, particularly satellites. She's also been following the North Atlantic right whale issue, including ropeless fishing technologies, and wind farms as they impact fisheries. At this point, Marianne is in search of a staff writer position either at a conservation publication or at an established mainstream publication that may be expanding their climate change or conservation coverage.

When asked how SEJ membership has made her job easier, Marianne said, "My first great experience was SEJ's mentorship program. My mentor, Matt Wheeland, introduced me to the editors at Civil Eats, where I was able to place a story on women in sustainable farming. He also served as a reference for me. Love this program! I am also on the SEJ listservs with some very experienced journalists. There's always useful or thoughtful information coming in on that list." Join Marianne in the SEJ community today!

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