#SEJSpotlight: Parimal Rohit, Reporter, Austin Business Journal; SEJ Volunteer

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Meet SEJ member and volunteer Parimal Rohit! Parimal is a veteran journalist who is currently the Commercial Real Estate Reporter at Austin Business Journal. Prior to joining ABJ, he was the editor of The Log, a twice-a-month newspaper covering Southern California's and Northern Mexico's maritime and environmental spaces. Throughout his career, Parimal has also covered the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Bollywood and California politics. He is also the host of three podcasts: Erased, an environmental podcast; The Brown Table, a Bollywood podcast; and Storytellers in Action, an Asian American podcast. His hobbies include photography, hiking, travel and filmmaking.

#SEJSpotlight graphic for Parimal Rohit

Parimal volunteers because "SEJ is a valuable resource for me. The organization gives me the tools and resources I need to help achieve one of my missions: helping everyday people understand why the environment matters," he said. Become an SEJ volunteer today!

See some of Parimal's work on The Asian Highway:

Find Parimal:

Twitter          @parimalrohit
Facebook:    /parimal.rohit
Instagram:   @parimal.m.rohit
LinkedIn:      parimal-rohit-68582324
Web              ah1.live

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