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Meet SEJ member Rachel Nuwer! Rachel is an award-winning freelance journalist who regularly writes about conservation, ecology and wildlife trade for the New York Times, National Geographic, Scientific American and more. Her multi-award-winning first book, "Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking," was published in September 2018 with Da Capo Press. Rachel's love for nature and science was kicked off by a childhood exploring the bayous and beaches of southern Mississippi. As a biology student at Loyola University New Orleans, she spent time in Laos researching Mekong River fishes, sparking a passion for travel and conservation. This wanderlust has taken her to 74 countries — six of which she has lived in. She currently lives in Brooklyn with a computer programmer, a nutty rabbit and a large orange cat.

When asked if she recommends SEJ membership to her colleagues, Rachel said, "Yes! SEJ is a very welcoming community and provides valuable resources for writers and editors, regardless of where you are in your career. If you're into the environment, this is the group for you." Join Rachel in the SEJ community today!

Rachel also says, "SEJ has given me the opportunity to meet editors and fellow writers. SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism grants have also allowed me to pursue stories in Myanmar and Tanzania that I was very passionate about, but that I otherwise would not have been able to report."

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Twitter         @RachelNuwer
Facebook    /rachellovenuwer
Web             www.rachelnuwer.com
Instagram   @rachel_nuwer


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