#SEJSpotlight: Youmna Abdallah, Freelance Journalist

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Meet SEJ member Youmna Abdallah! Youmna is a Lebanese environmental journalist and researcher based in Beirut, Lebanon. Fluent in English, Arabic and French, she specializes in environmental sustainability and climate change, with a focus on Lebanon and the Middle East. After working as an architectural designer for a decade, Youmna switched careers towards environmental journalism following the Beirut explosion of August 4, 2020, to shed light on the environmental impact of human activities in the region. Since then, she's been covering environmental issues and writing about climate solutions for various outlets, including Deutsche Welle, The Big Issue, Project Regeneration and Ours to Save.

When asked if she recommends SEJ membership to her colleagues, Youmna said, "As a self-taught journalist, receiving mentorships and joining groups of professionals can really help kickstart our career. I definitely recommend colleagues who have just gone through a career change to join SEJ to get support and insights in the field from other members of the organization." Join Youmna in the SEJ community today!

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Twitter         @AbdallahYoumna
Instagram     @youmnaaa

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