University Form: Journalism Student Recognition

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Thanks for selecting a journalism student for this special recognition. Please follow these guidelines:

• Criteria for selection is at your discretion. It can be a student who shows extra initiative, who has a keen interest in covering science and environment or who might need an extra nudge. 
• Selection is up to you or to another individual or team you designate to make the selection. It can include the SEJ member sponsoring the recognition, but it doesn't have to. 

For this form you'll need the student's contact information (mailing address and email address), a brief description of the student's qualifications (why you selected this student) and a selfie of the student.


Your student will receive a certificate, a year's membership in SEJ* and an entry on her or his résumé. Student selfies and accolades will be posted on and publicized in an issue of the SEJZine.

* Eligibility criteria apply. Students must not be engaged in paid public relations work concerning environmental issues, or paid lobbying concerning envirornmental issues to be eligible for SEJ membership.