Antarctica & Arctic

"Arctic Faces Further Threat From Ocean Acidification"

"Acidification is an additional stress on an ecosystem already under pressure from rapid sea ice loss, study warns."

"The Arctic ecosystem, already under pressure from record ice melts, faces another potential threat in the form of rapid acidification of the ocean, according to an international study published on Monday.

Acidification, blamed on the transformation of rising levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the air into carbonic acid in the sea, makes it harder for shellfish and crabs to grow their shells, and might also impair fish reproduction, it said.

Source: Reuters, 05/07/2013
July 31, 2014

DEADLINE: NSF Antarctic Reporting Opportunity

The National Science Foundation invites news media to apply for the opportunity to report from Antarctica. Proposals are sought from national broadcast networks — or network affiliates in major markets — that reach significant non-English-language audiences in the United States or are engaged in partnerships that would allow them to reach such audiences. Visit would occur sometime between October 2014 and January 2015. Deadline to apply: July 31st.

Bacteria Found Deep Under Antarctic Ice, Scientists Say

"For the first time, scientists report, they have found bacteria living in the cold and dark deep under the Antarctic ice, a discovery that might advance knowledge of how life could survive on other planets or moons and that offers the first glimpse of a vast ecosystem of microscopic life in underground lakes in Antarctica."

Source: NY Times, 02/08/2013


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