Arnold Schwarzenegger: Global Leader on Climate-Change

"If the United States ever enacts a major climate-change law, it will owe a debt to Arnold Schwarzenegger."

"Strange as it sounds, the Austrian-born bodybuilder, former California governor, and movie star has flexed more legislative muscle on climate change than President Obama--who ran for office on the promise of curbing sea level rise and creating millions of green jobs--and Al Gore, the former vice president who won a Nobel Prize for his advocacy on climate change.   

Like Gore and Obama, Schwarzenegger, in his two terms as governor of the largest state in the nation, championed policies to promote clean energy and to fight climate change. Unlike those Democrats, Schwarzenegger, a Republican, succeeded in translating that passion into a major climate-change law. "

Coral Davenport reports for the National Journal December 30, 2012.

Source: National Journal, 12/31/2012