Environmental Politics

"EPA Says Higher Radiation Levels Pose ‘No Harmful Health Effect’"

"In the event of a dirty bomb or a nuclear meltdown, emergency responders can safely tolerate radiation levels equivalent to thousands of chest X-rays, the Environmental Protection Agency said in new guidelines that ease off on established safety levels."

Source: Bloomberg, 10/19/2017

"America’s Climate Refugees Have Been Abandoned by Trump"

"As hurricane after hurricane ravages Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast, the Trump administration has quietly walked away from a government-wide effort to help the growing number of American communities whose very existence is threatened by climate change."

Source: Mother Jones, 10/19/2017

"Trump Voters In Storm-Ravaged County Confront Climate Change"

"PORT ARTHUR, Texas — The church was empty, except for the piano too heavy for one man to move. It had been 21 days since the greatest storm Wayne Christopher had ever seen dumped a year’s worth of rain on his town, drowning this church where he was baptized, met his high school sweetheart and later married her."

Source: AP, 10/18/2017

"National Monuments: Over 350 Parks Retirees Bash Zinke Review"

"More than 350 former National Park Service employees today disparaged Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's recommendations to reduce the acreage of a half-dozen national monuments and alter the management plans of others. They also criticized the agency as 'utterly unconscionable' for failing to release a public report following its review of those sites."

Source: Greenwire, 10/18/2017


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