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Results May Not Match Rhetoric After Obama 2013 Chem Security Order

"Two years after President Obama issued a landmark executive order setting federal priorities for advancing chemical security, a slew of agencies continue to plod toward regulatory changes, to the frustration of some environment and public health organizations that would like to see faster improvements."


"US Sets New Brake Rule for Oil Trains, Two Years After Lac-Megantic"

"Over two years after a runaway freight train derailed, exploded and destroyed much of the small town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec, killing 47, the Obama administration has issued new rules governing breaking procedures for tanker cars carrying volatile cargo."


Filming in Parks and Forests: The Alaskan Angle

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski has proposed a bill that would (among other things) set a flat $200 annual fee to permit unlimited shooting by film crews of five or fewer. Now Corbin Hiar reports for E&E Daily that Murkowski's filmmaker nephew faced the fees-and-permits barrier when he wanted to film in the Tongass National Forest.

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