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"Feds: Record Oil Leak 100 Times Greater Than Company Says"

"A record 14-year-old oil leak off the coast of Louisiana is not releasing as much crude into the Gulf of Mexico as recent estimates suggest, but it's still spewing between 100 and 900 times more than claimed by the company involved in the incident, a study from NOAA and the Department of Commerce found yesterday.

Taylor Energy Co. LLC's oil platform, Saratoga A, fell during Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Extreme waves caused a subsurface mudslide at Mississippi Canyon 20 in the Gulf where the platform sat in more than 400 feet of water.

Source: EnergyWire, 06/26/2019

Big Environmental Impacts on Small Communities Is Story That Must Be Told

While environmental journalists often focus on regulatory wrestling matches in Washington, D.C., a seasoned New York Times investigative reporter argues the most important stories are those in the real communities where bureaucratic impacts are felt. Three-time Pulitzer winner Eric Lipton makes the case for public service in journalism that tells the environment story from the outside in.

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Which 2020 Dems Are Powering Their Campaigns On Fossil Fuel Donations?

"Among the vast field of Democrats vying for the 2020 presidential nomination there is a broad acceptance that the climate crisis must be confronted. However, there is a split between those who have signed a pledge to no longer accept money from the oil, gas and coal industry and those who haven't."

Source: Guardian, 06/21/2019

"Blast Rips Through South Philadelphia Refinery, Triggering Major Fire"

"An explosion ripped through a refinery in South Philadelphia early Friday, lighting up the night sky and triggering a massive fire. No injuries were reported and it appears firefighters have contained the blaze."

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, 06/21/2019

"Former EPA Staffer Says Wheeler Lied To Congress"

"A longtime former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staffer is accusing Administrator Andrew Wheeler of lying in a letter he wrote to Congress Tuesday that denied agency staff were shut out as EPA developed a controversial rollback on Obama-era fuel standards."

Source: The Hill, 06/21/2019


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