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"Federal Coal Ash Regulations Take Effect"

"The gooey, grayish-black sludge that spread across Roane County in East Tennessee on a bitterly cold December morning is gone, but the fallout from the nation's worst coal-ash spill enters a new phase on Monday when the federal government begins regulating the storage and disposal of ash from coal-fired power plants."

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal, 10/19/2015

House Bill Could Shield Oil Train Spill Response Plans From Disclosure

"A House of Representatives bill unveiled Friday could make it more difficult for the public to know how prepared railroads are for responding to oil spills from trains, their worst-case scenarios and how much oil is being transported by rail through communities."

Source: McClatchy, 10/19/2015

Canada Election: Stephen Harper’s Fossil Fuel Gamble May Have Backfired

"It’s 11.30am in the pumping heart of Canada’s tar sands industry, on a day when local crude is trading at a rock-bottom $29 a barrel. For the down-and-out men and women heading down to the free lunch in the basement of a Fort McMurray church, it’s hard to see a way back up."

Source: Guardian, 10/16/2015


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