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Oil Lobby Paid News Outlets to Host Climate-Change Deniers at RNC

"At the award-winning seafood restaurant in downtown Cleveland that The Atlantic rented out for the entire four-day Republican National Convention, GOP Rep. Bill Johnson turned to me and explained that solar panels are not a viable energy source because 'the sun goes down.'"

Source: The Intercept, 07/25/2016

"Increased Asthma Attacks Tied to Exposure to Natural Gas Production

"Exposure to more intense shale gas development correlates with a higher risk of asthma attacks among asthma patients, according to a new study of Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale, one of the nation's largest and most active fracking regions."

Source: InsideClimate News, 07/20/2016

"TVA Coal Ash Plan Draws Ire From Environmental Groups"

"The Tennessee Valley Authority's Colbert and Widows Creek power plants have already burned their last piece of coal to generate electricity, but some environmentalists are worried that the tons of coal ash left behind in watery ponds could cause environmental problems long after the burners were turned off."

Source: Huntsville Times, 07/20/2016


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