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"Is Coal’s Political Heft Plunging? One State May Be Canary in Mine"

"BELLINGHAM, Wash. — The American coal industry, with its billions of dollars and army of lobbyists, has a storied history of muscle and might. But in this northwest corner of Washington, people like Christopher Grannis, a 69-year-old building contractor and stalwart in local civic causes, are standing up to coal. And coal is losing."

Source: NY Times, 11/03/2016

Obama Says Army Corps Is Weighing Whether To ‘Reroute’ Dakota Pipeline"

"President Obama said Tuesday that his administration was considering ways to 'reroute' the Dakota Access oil pipeline after a week of violent clashes between authorities and activists protesting the controversial project."

Source: Wash Post, 11/02/2016

Dakota Pipeline Protesters Set For 'Last Stand' On Banks Of Missouri R

"Native American protesters are preparing to take a 'last stand' against the Dakota Access pipeline after police raided their camps and arrested hundreds, paving the way for construction of the final stretch of the controversial oil project."

Source: Guardian, 11/01/2016


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