Shooting Fire’s ‘Natural Force’

Inside Story

Stuart Palley’s environmental photojournalism career follows a very natural cycle — it heats up (a lot) during the fire season.

Many photographers chase wildfires across the West every summer, especially as they become a bigger and more destructive player in global climate change. But in the last three years, Palley has set himself apart by developing a unique style that might best be described as nocturnal fire landscape photography.

December 12, 2016 to December 16, 2016

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

The 49th AGU Fall Meeting takes place in San Francisco. Press registration is now open.

Covering Wildfire Is No Longer Seasonal Work

Deadly fires that swept Tennessee are harbingers of a new normal for these massive burns, driven by drought and climate factors to become a year-round, multi-region phenomenon. Our in-depth backgrounder offers dozens of resources, plus tips and ideas for improving your wildfire coverage.

"California Dairy Industry Faces Methane Regulation for the First Time"

"Despite heavy pushback from the state's livestock producers, California Gov. Jerry Brown last month signed a law aimed at cutting methane emissions from cattle operations, the largest source of heat-trapping methane in the country's biggest dairy-producing state."

Source: InsideClimate News, 10/25/2016


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