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"Firefighters Face Risky 'New Normal' in Wildfire Behavior"

"RENO, Nev. -- Todd McNeal, chief of Twain Harte Fire and Rescue, spoke before his fellow firefighters and foresters last week with the tone of an evangelist. 'There is fundamental change that has occurred around us,' said McNeal, his voice rising to fill a dimly lit casino resort conference hall."

Source: ClimateWire, 04/01/2015

Flood Insurance Rates Go Up April 1 for Many Homes Along U.S. Coastline

"The surge that's scheduled to hit the American coastline Wednesday isn't coming from a hurricane, but it could still leave a feeling of helplessness in its wake. Flood insurance rates are set to skyrocket when a new bill goes into effect on April 1."

Source: Weather Channel, 04/01/2015


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