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"Should Swimmers Worry About Sharks?"

Predictably for this time of summer, an increased number of swimmers in ocean water has raised the incidence of shark attacks. Lost in the ratings-driven media frenzy is this estimate from Pew Trusts: "100 million sharks are killed in commercial fisheries every year. That means that during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, about 1.9 million sharks—roughly 11,200 sharks an hour—will be killed."

Source: NY Times, 07/07/2015

"Catholic Leaders Press GOP To Heed Pope on Climate, Poor"

"ANKENY, Iowa — Roman Catholic leaders in the early voting state of Iowa implored candidates for president Thursday to take up Pope Francis’ call for 'profound political courage' by focusing their campaigns as much on improving the environment and income inequality as they have on opposing gay marriage and abortion in past elections."

Source: AP, 07/03/2015


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