Officials: 'Dirt Brokers' With Mob Ties Dumped Polluted Soil Across NJ

"'Rogue dirt brokers' with mob ties and criminal histories used fake documents to haul hundreds of truckloads of tainted soil and construction debris that were then dumped illegally onto environmentally sensitive sites in New Jersey, state investigators alleged Wednesday."

Source: Bergen Record, 05/27/2016

Oil Sands Found To Be A Leading Source Of Air Pollution In N. America

"A cloud of noxious particles brewing in the air above the Alberta oil sands is one of the most prolific sources of air pollution in North America, often exceeding the total emissions from Canada’s largest city, federal scientists have discovered."

Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, 05/27/2016

New EPA PFOA Advisory: More Communities Have Dangerous Drinking Water

"The EPA announced new drinking water health advisory levels today for the industrial chemicals PFOA and PFOS. The new levels — .07 parts per billion (ppb) for both chemicals — are significantly lower than standards the agency issued in 2009, which were .4 ppb for PFOA and .2 ppb for PFOS."

Source: The Intercept, 05/20/2016

"DEQ: Duke Needs to Dig Up All Its Coal Ash"

"DEQ says all Duke Energy coal ash waste must be dug up, but wants permission to be more lenient if improvements occur."

"State regulators have raised the risk designations for some of Duke Energy’s coal ash dumps, a move that could require 25 impoundments to be dug up by 2024.

Or not.

The Department of Environmental Quality wants the power to lower risk rankings in 18 months if the utility proves that coal ash is not polluting nearby drinking water and repairs dams at its waste sites."

Source: NC Health News, 05/19/2016


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