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"Leading Fossil Fuel Companies Fail Climate Responsibility Test"

"A comprehensive study by a science advocacy group gives poor grades in corporate responsibility to eight top producers. Exxon and coal firms ranked at the bottom."

"A methodical review of the world's dominant fossil fuel producers has documented their poor performance—in some cases, egregious failure— in taking responsibility for their emissions of greenhouse gases and moving effectively to confront climate change.

Source: InsideClimate News, 10/13/2016

Clinton and Gore Bring Climate Change Message to Storm-Hit Florida

"Florida's east coast ranks as the region most vulnerable to sea-level rise in the U.S. Former Vice President Al Gore praised Hillary Clinton’s credentials on climate change at a Florida rally Tuesday that brought the presidential campaign to the front lines of the fight against global warming in the U.S. and laid out a clear contrast with Donald Trump’s denial of the science."

Source: TIME, 10/12/2016


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