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"Safety: Flow Lines Cited In More Than 7K Spills"

"Flow lines — the small, low-pressure pipes blamed for a fatal home explosion in Colorado last month — have long been a weak point at oil and gas well sites. They've been cited as the problem in more than 7,000 spills, leaks and other mishaps since the beginning of 2009, according to an E&E News analysis of state agencies' records."

Source: ClimateWire, 05/18/2017

"Shifting Spring Weather Is Messing With Birds' Delicate Clocks"

"Timing is everything for migratory songbirds chirping away in North America's trees. If they arrive too late, they'll get only the scraps of spring's insect buffet. Plus, the best nesting spots and mates will be taken, leaving them with lackluster prospects for making baby birds. Arrive too early, and they'll face a hostile winter chill."

Source: Mashable, 05/17/2017

"EPA Asked The Public Which Regulations To Gut — And Got An Earful"

"Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency put out a call for comments about what regulations are in need of repeal, replacement or modification. More than 55,100 responses rolled in by the time the comment period closed on Monday — but they were full of Americans sharing their experiences of growing up with dirty air and water, and with pleas for the agency not to undo safeguards that could return the country to more a more polluted era."

Source: Washington Post, 05/17/2017

Trump Interior Pick Sued Agency On Behalf Of Powerful Water Interests

"When President Trump nominated David Bernhardt for the No. 2 spot at the Interior Department, the administration cited his extensive expertise. What the announcement failed to mention was that much of that experience was lobbying and doing legal work to elude or undermine Interior Department policies and protections."

Source: LA Times, 05/17/2017


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