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Are You Ready for Flood Season?

Flooding is no longer just a local disaster story. As the phenomenon worsens and spreads, it simultaneously raises issues like development, insurance, stormwater management and climate change. The latest TipSheet runs down longer-term angles of flooding, and offers sources and tools to better cover your own flood stories.

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Interior Politicals Remove Climate Change Language From News Release

"On Thursday, a group of scientists, including three working for the U.S. Geological Survey, published a paper that highlighted the link between sea-level rise and global climate change, arguing that previously studies may have underestimated the risk flooding poses to coastal communities."

Source: Washington Post, 05/23/2017

Rural Trump Voters Fight To Keep Their Land From Growing Pipeline Web

"WEST CHESTER, Pa. -- Norm MacQueen would seem to fit the profile of a property owner comfortable with an oil and gas pipeline running through his land. A retired oil refinery employee, MacQueen worked amid risky conditions for more than 20 years, as a pipe fitter and a welder."

Source: McClatchy, 05/23/2017

"Trump Seeks To Sell Off Half Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserve"

"As part of its 2018 budget, the Trump administration is proposing to reduce by half the size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a cushion against global price shocks and supply disruptions. The administration said it expects the drawdown to reduce the federal deficit by $16.6 billion, part of a package of deficit reduction measures over the next 10 years."

Source: Washington Post, 05/23/2017

EPA Remains Top Target With Trump Proposing 31 Percent Budget Cut

"Candidate Donald Trump vowed to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency 'in almost every form,' leaving only 'little tidbits' intact. President Trump is making good on his promise to take a sledgehammer to the agency. When the White House releases its latest budget proposal on Tuesday, the EPA will fare worse than any other federal agency."

Source: Washington Post, 05/23/2017

"With Populations Thriving, Are Bobcats The Next Urban Pest?"

"As someone who has studied bobcats for almost four decades, wildlife ecologist John Litvaitis remembers many times returning from the field without spotting a single one of these solitary and shy creatures that often hunt at dusk. But bobcats are less elusive now as their numbers rise and they become more comfortable around humans. Joining the likes of foxes, coyotes and even mountain lions in rare cases, bobcats are making a home in small towns and suburbs — and realizing there is plenty to eat in the cities."

Source: AP, 05/22/2017


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