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Fifth Anniversary of BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Monday, April 20, is the fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon offshore well blowout that led to one of the biggest environmental disasters in U.S. history. The Gulf of Mexico, its fish and wildlife, and the people whose jobs and lives depend on it are still recovering. Media coverage abounds -- some of it focusing on whether the industry or the government learned anything from the disaster and how likely it is to happen again in the Gulf, in the Arctic, or elsewhere. SEJ has rounded up some of the coverage in its daily news digest, EJToday Headlines. We also published two useful explainers on the money issues and the science issues.

"Safety Regulations Issued for Trains Carrying Oil"

"Responding to public pressure to act more quickly after a series of fiery train derailments involving oil shipments, the Transportation Department on Friday issued a series of emergency orders, including a 40-mile-an-hour speed limit for hazardous materials moving through urban areas."

Source: NY Times, 04/20/2015


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