"Suit Seeks To Halt Plans for Richmond Oil Refinery Expansion"

"SAN FRANCISCO -- Environmental advocates seeking to curb Chevron's plans to modernize and expand its Richmond oil refinery sued Bay Area air-quality regulators Thursday, claiming they approved construction based on outdated reports that understated the plant's greenhouse gas emissions and the pollutants it would spew into surrounding neighborhoods."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 06/06/2014
June 2, 2014 to June 30, 2014

Climate Science Connections: Water in the West

This free interactive and self-paced course is built around panel discussions with hydrologists, policy makers, engineers, and science educators. In the course we explore challenges for water management in the Western US both at a large scale — using the Colorado River Basin Watershed as an example — and at small scale – using the Boulder Creek watershed as an example where flooding occurred on the heels of drought and wildfire damage.


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