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March 24, 2017

The First SEJ North Texas Meetup!

This is the first meetup for SEJ members and environmental journalists in the North Texas region. Come meet others who are part of SEJ, join the group if you aren't already a member, and talk about the craft of science and environmental journalism.

Topics on the Beat: 

Regulators Demand Repair of Leaking Alaska Gas Pipeline, Cite Hazard

"Federal regulators have given oil and gas operator Hilcorp until May 1 to permanently repair a pipeline spewing more than 200,000 cubic feet of gas a day into Alaska's Cook Inlet or shut it down, citing public safety and environmental risks. The line has been leaking since late December, the regulator disclosed, longer than reported by the company."

Source: InsideClimate News, 03/09/2017

Energy Star Is Good For Climate And Economy. Trump Wants To Kill It

"A new White House proposal would slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 24 percent and eliminate 38 of its programs. One of the programs on the kill list is the Energy Star program, an initiative that experts say is as much about saving money as it is about saving the climate. Should it be eliminated, they argue, both consumers and businesses could suffer."

Source: Washington Post, 03/09/2017


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