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"Colorado Voters Just Made It A Lot Harder To Pass Fracking Bans"

"In recent years, a number of communities in the state have passed local [fracking] bans, but the state Supreme Court struck them down. Activists then decided to try to change the constitution to allow local fracking bans. So the oil and gas industry then decided to try to make changing the constitution more difficult."

Source: Grist, 11/11/2016

Coal Eager For Trump Regulatory Rollbacks, But Industry Rebound Unlikely

"Leaders of West Virginia’s coal industry were rejoicing Wednesday over the election of Republican Donald Trump as the nation’s 45th president — and the possible regulatory rollbacks that may come with it — but industry and economic experts remained skeptical that Trump can really bring back a significant number of mining jobs lost largely to competition with low-priced natural gas."

Source: Charleston Gazette-Mail, 11/11/2016

"How States Voted On Science-Related Initiatives"

"Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the presidential election on Tuesday helped usher in a new era of Republican rule in Washington. But voters also weighed in on several science-related state ballot items. Here’s a roundup of the results:" Measures include a California cigarette tax, a Montana measure funding biomedical research, and an Oregon measure against wildlife trafficking.

Source: Science, 11/11/2016

"Florida Voters Say No To Misleading Solar Amendment"

"Florida voters rejected Amendment 1 on Tuesday, the utility-backed measure to limit rooftop solar expansion, after a scrappy, grassroots campaign and last-minute revelations raised doubts about the proponents’ claims that their goal was to expand solar generation."

Source: Miami Herald, 11/10/2016


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