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Dems See Political Opportunity In Trump’s Decision To Abandon Paris

"President Trump’s triumphant Rose Garden ceremony announcing his withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement sent a message loud and clear to his supporters: Promise kept. But the move also served as a clarion call to angry Democrats, potentially complicating the political path for Republicans facing tough midterm challenges and, ultimately, Trump’s own reelection bid."

Source: Washington Post, 06/05/2017

"How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science"

"The campaign ad appeared during the presidential contest of 2008. Rapid-fire images of belching smokestacks and melting ice sheets were followed by a soothing narrator who praised a candidate who had stood up to President George W. Bush and 'sounded the alarm on global warming.' It was not made for a Democrat, but for Senator John McCain, who had just secured the Republican nomination."

Source: NY Times, 06/05/2017

"Mayor Peduto Slams Trump For Name-Dropping Pittsburgh"

"When Bill Peduto campaigned this spring for re-election, he banked on Pittsburghers’ distaste for the president. The mayor aired a 30-second TV spot that knocked Donald Trump over health care and education, even calling him a New England Patriots fan."

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 06/02/2017


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