"Beekeeping -- Rural Greece Does It Best"

Beekeepers in the remote hills of southern Greece are not seeing colony collapse disorder in their hives. The reason may be that the bees are not exposed to pesticides.

"The rosemary season has ended, but sage is in full bloom.

In the fragrant hills of the Peloponnese in southern Greece, after a few sharp turns along a path, Nikos Reppas' old car arrives at bee heaven: a field full of violet hyacinths, close to the prehistoric ruins of Mycenae.

"Colony collapse disorder is a problem in the United States and some European countries like Germany and Spain... We don't have this problem in Greece yet," says Paschalis Harizanis, professor at the Agricultural University of Athens.

The reason is that Greek beekeepers are still able to keep their activities at a safe distance from commercial farming, and therefore away from pesticides."

AFP had the story April 21, 2013.

Source: AFP, 04/22/2013