"Bringing Oysters Back to the Bay"

"During the Gold Rush, the San Francisco Bay’s native oyster habitat was all but wiped out due to overharvesting and hydraulic mining washing sediment onto the bay floor. But a Richmond-based nonprofit has plans to restore the shellfish’s lost habitat along the Point Pinole shoreline."

"Point Pinole has been a hotspot for oysters over the past couple summers, said Christopher Lim, Living Shoreline Program manager at The Watershed Project, making it an ideal target for restoration.
'Oysters, I think, definitely have that connection to people whether it’s through food … (or) the history of oysters in San Francisco Bay,' Lim said. 'Part of the reason we would like to restore oysters is because we know of their ecosystem benefits in the Bay, and they were probably here in much greater numbers in the past.'"

Sean Green reports for KQED February 11, 2013.


"Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration Plan Ids 24 Sites in Md., Va. With Best Bivalve Potential" (Washington Post)

Source: KQED, 02/13/2013