"Captive Chimps Proposed for Endangered Status"

"Captive chimpanzees belong to an endangered species, federal wildlife officials say, and permits should be required for their sale, use in research or other activity that may cause them harm."

"Federal officials on Tuesday proposed declaring captive chimpanzees as endangered, a status accorded to wild chimps. The move met with praise from animal welfare groups and criticism from some in medical research and others in the entertainment industry.

Released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the proposal would require federal permits for medical research on chimps, sales across state lines, import and export, as well as their "taking," the killing or harming of a chimp. There are about 2,000 captive chimpanzees nationwide, most in research settings, zoos or sanctuaries. Others are kept as pets or used by trainers in the entertainment industry."

Dan Vergano reports for USA TODAY June 11, 2013.


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Source: USA TODAY, 06/12/2013