"EPA Takeover of Toledo Water Plant Was Being Considered"

"Less than six months into the job, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Director Craig Butler grew so weary of Toledo’s mule-like response to long-documented problems at its 73-year-old Collins Park Water Treatment Plant that he entertained the very drastic — and politically explosive — idea of trying to wrest control of it away from the city.

In an interview with The Blade, Mr. Butler said he recognizes Ohio has great respect for home rule and that the state makes every effort to keep local governments in charge of their own infrastructure.

'Us stepping across that boundary and taking control of that facility is something we try hard not to do,' Mr. Butler said. 'But it is our obligation to hold their feet to the fire. We obviously have very strong concerns about the operability and the long-term capability of that plant. If we ever thought it would have jeopardized public health, we would have had that conversation.'  "

Tom Henry reports for the Toledo Blade August 10, 2014.


"Local Officials Voice Surprise at Possible EPA Action" (Toledo Blade)

Source: Toledo Blade, 08/11/2014