"Ojai Vents Smart-Meter Angst"

"The electrical meter for Marleen Luckman's dwelling is sandwiched between two new smart meters, the kind that some Ojai residents are upset about.Luckman says she worries about a wireless world where electromagnetic radiation is everywhere."

"Scientists and government-backed research challenge her conclusion. P. Lyn Middleton even questions her own assessments.

Still, the 63-year-old Ojai artist worries the reason she feels lethargic, scattered and unable to focus may be the five wireless electricity counters — "smart meters" — 20 feet from her house.

'I'm not a crazy person, but I do know that something different is happening to me,' said Middleton, who plans to pay more than $75 to keep a utility from installing a smart meter near her home. She's willing to pay at least $450 more to convince the landlord of a neighboring apartment complex to remove the digital devices already installed and to keep more meters from being installed."

Tom Kisken reports for the Ventura County Star May 5, 2012.

Monday, May 7, 2012