Warmer Winters Bring Pest To New Jersey: Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

"TRENTON, N.J. -- Recent warmer-than-usual winters that may be attributable to climate change have brought a troublesome and potentially dangerous new effect, according to a Mercer County scientist: expanding swarms of Asian tiger mosquitoes."

"The subtropical species can harbor more than 30 viruses that can be dangerous to humans and has been in New Jersey since 1995. Thanks to the warmer weather, it has been surviving the winter months in far greater numbers in the last few years, said Ary Farajollahi, superintendent of Mercer County Mosquito Control.

'Our winters have been kind of mild the last few years, and that’s when we’ve seen the range expansion and explosion of this mosquito,' Farajollahi said."

Alyssa Mease reports for the Trenton Times August 18, 2013.

Source: Trenton Times, 08/19/2013