Upcoming SEJ Regional Events

Upcoming SEJ events are posted below. Also check our Calendar for specific dates of regional meet-ups, and add your events there. Find a sampling of past events here.


SEJ Member-Led Meet-ups

These informal gatherings led by SEJ members seek to build and sustain professional ties between environmental journalists and editors in all media, who live and/or work in the respective regions. SEJ membership is not required to participate, nor an rsvp unless specified in a particular event listing. Check the SEJ Community Calendar or SEJ Facebook Group (log onto Facebook and ask to join the group) for upcoming meet-ups, and add your own events there. See information and photos about past meet-ups here. Contact Jeanne Scanlon with any questions.

Thanks to Emily Gertz for her great article on the history of SEJ networking, published in the spring 2014 SEJournal: http://www.sej.org/publications/local-meetups-bring-networking-home



Regions with a dedicated SEJ meet-ups leader:


SEJ WatchDog project director Joseph A. Davis (right) talks EJ with SEJ members and friends at Local 16 in D.C., April 2014.

New York City Area

Meet-ups leader: Emily Gertz

The NYC group uses the Meetup.com platform.


Washington, D.C. Area

Meet-ups leaders: Kate Sheppard and Meaghan Parker

This is a very active group.


California, northern

Meet-ups leader: Justin Gerdes


California, southern

Meet-ups leaders: Hilary Sloane and Molly Peterson



Meet-ups leader: Rachel Cernansky



Meet-ups leader: Sarah Curry


New England, northern: Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine; also western Massachusetts

Meet-ups leader: Madeline Bodin



Meet-ups leaders: Julia Kumari Drapkin and Mark Schleifstein


"Heartland SEJ" - Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma

Meet-ups leader: Tina Casagrand (with Sarah Terry-Cobo in OK)

Tina is also open to co-leading events in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska


North Carolina

Meet-ups leader: Lisa Sorg


Ohio, Michigan and northern Indiana

Meet-ups leader: Karen Schaefer



Active group over many years. Christy George (Portland area) and Valerie Brown (Salem) are resources.


Pennsylvania, central; and Delaware

Meet-ups leader: John Messeder


South Carolina

Meet-ups leader: Dan McCue



Meet-ups leader: Lana Straub



Meet-ups leaders: Ashley Ahearn and Brett Walton


To reach meet-ups leaders, or to inquire about starting a meet-ups group in your region, please email Jeanne Scanlon.




SEJ Toronto Pub Night Series

SEJ Pub Nights take place as members are moved to get together, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sometimes we invite a guest speaker for a brief, informal conversation about an area of interest. We welcome journalists who cover environmental issues, or who wish to, as well as journalism students, academics, and other interested parties. The goal is to get some useful information and have ample opportunity to chat about environmental journalism amongst ourselves. See past get-togethers: 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009.

Want to get involved in the Toronto pub nights, either organizing, attending, lining up speakers or being a speaker? Contact SEJ member and freelance writer/editor Sharon Oosthoek.



San Francisco Bay Area Meet-ups for SEJ Members Only

Contact Amy Westervelt.