Biodiversity Research Institute Media Event to Launch Largest Ever Loon Study

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October 2, 2013

Restore the Call

A Scientific Initiative to Strengthen and Restore Loon Populations within their Existing and Former Range

BRI has recently been awarded a $6.5 M grant from the new Ricketts Conservation Foundation to begin the largest loon conservation study in North America. The loon is a key bioindicator of aquatic integrity for lakes and near shore marine ecosystems. These iconic birds are becoming more exposed and susceptible to serious threats from type E botulism, mercury pollution, lead poisoning, oil spills, and over development.

We invite you to attend in person at the Jackson Fork Ranch in Bondurant, Wyoming for the live presentation, personal interviews, photo opportunities, and the premiere of our Restore the Call video. Event begins at 11:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

Or, join the webcast. Reporters will be able to ask questions at the conclusion of the presentations. Start time 11:00 AM MDT.

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webcast and Bondurant, WY
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