Book Author Pitch Slam in Seattle

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November 14, 2013

You are invited to a University of Washington Press/SEJ book pitch slam!

When? Thursday, November 14, 2013, 6-8 pm

Where? Ravenna Room, 22nd floor, UW Tower, 4333 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle

Is there a topic you've been covering in depth that is screaming for further, more in-depth exploration? Is there an untold story or piece of environmental science or history that is unique to this region and its people that you've been pondering? Now is the time to bring out your ideas. Come to the first University of Washington Press/SEJ book pitch slam Thursday, November 14, 2013 from 6-8 pm.

Attendees willing to step up to the mike will have two minutes to pitch a book idea, and acquisitions editor Regan Huff, press director Nicole Mitchell, and publicist Natasha Varner will offer feedback on both the book idea and the pitch. Those who prefer to meet one-on-one will have time to share proposals or ask questions after the public pitches are finished. Don't be shy! All are welcome! The University of Washington Press is seeking book projects on environmental topics with relevance to the Northwest, but are happy to offer suggestions for how to hone a pitch and find the right publisher for topics outside this region.

Please RSVP to Regan Huff at; a guest list will be provided to the UW Tower security desk to facilitate after-hours entry.

Some points to consider in your pitch:

-          What is the bigger significance of your story that goes beyond newsworthiness and helps readers understand a deeper issue or important idea? Why does the subject deserve longer treatment?

-          How will you choose to structure the book, and what will keep your reader engaged with the story? What does your book offer as a counterpoint to the more heavy or disturbing sides of the story?

-          Who is likely to be interested in the book and what ideas can you offer a potential publisher about how to market the book to this audience? Is there an ideal timing for the book’s appearance?


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