DEADLINE: Mineral School Residencies for Writers

Event Date: 
February 15, 2020

During summer 2020, the Mineral School in Washington state is offering residency to a total of 20 creative people — 14-16 writers and four to six visual artists. We’ll host four two-week residency periods for a total of 12 writers/artists and one special one-week residency period for four parent artists in September. Deadline is Feb 15.

Mineral School offers a mix of paid and funded residency spots. Our fellowships are competitive and we try to keep our paid spots inexpensive and accessible. If you'd like to pursue a fellowship, please know that on your fellowship application you can choose whether or not to remain in consideration for a paid spot should we be unable to grant you a funded one. We designed applications this way so you pay only one fee to apply but are juried as broadly as desired. (In other words, don't apply for both a fellowship and a paid spot — just apply for the fellowship and mark that you'd remain in consideration for a paid spot should you not receive a fellowship.)

We're pleased to offer a total of 10 fellowships in 2020. Otherwise, a two-week residency is $425.

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Mineral, WA