SEJ-NYC Meet-up with NYU/Institute for Policy Integrity's Director

Event Date: 
May 2, 2017
NYC-and-area journalists are invited to an informal discussion with Richard Revesz, law professor and director of the Institute for Policy Integrity at NYU. He will answer all your questions about the legal details and implications of the Trump administration's environmental deregulation efforts. 

The Trump administration is pushing its deregulatory agenda, and environmental rules and emissions regulations are among his first targets. The implications for U.S. environmental law and policy are wide-ranging. What are the Trump administration's next steps? How does the EPA's greenhouse gas emissions "endangerment finding" empower the agency to regulate emissions, and what options does the Trump administration have to weaken or undo it? 

Revesz will address these and other questions on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m

If you're not a member of SEJ's NYC Meetup Group, please join and RSVP here: (the meet-up location will be provided after you join/RSVP).
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