Environmental Journalists in the Philippines: Lend a Hand!

About 100 journalists share equipment and resources in a temporary media hub in the evacuation center, where most media are also staying with their families.

In November 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan ravaged several areas in the Central Philippines. More than 6,000 people died, six of them journalists. More than 1,700 people remain missing, among them media workers. Hundreds of other journalists were injured, left homeless and some are still looking for their missing relatives. They are still in need of aid and resources to rebuild their lives.

The Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists (PNEJ), led by Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) board member Imelda Abano, went to the devastated areas of Tacloban City and Guiuan island in Eastern Samar to assess the situation and help needed by our media colleagues.

Journalists relayed their harrowing stories and desire to rebuild. The devastation they faced was unimaginable. No words can describe the experience they had at dawn November 8, 2013, when the typhoon literally wiped out their whole community.

Yet many of our media colleagues there continued to bring updates and information to the public while they too were looking for their missing relatives, rebuilding their homes and lives.

Of her visit, Imelda wrote, “We've seen too much. Colleagues need our help, our immediate assistance. Let’s give them hope, and the support of fellow journalists. They need our assistance.”

Contributions are needed.

The Society of Environmental Journalists is now collecting tax-deductible gifts earmarked for environmental journalists in the Philippines. Later this month we will transfer what’s collected to the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists (PNEJ) for direct delivery to colleagues who need help at this critical time. Funds might be used for replacing basic equipment for reporting such as cheap mobile phones, recorders, second-hand laptops, and even basic needs such as food, water and building materials for home repair.  Journalism groups from around the world have been doing this and SEJ is glad to be a part of this effort.

To donate through SEJ, go here.  

Choose “programs” category for your contribution and  in the “memo line” space write “PNEJ Fund” or “Filipino Journalists.”   If you prefer to mail a check, send to SEJ, PO Box 2492, Jenkintown, PA, 19046 USA.  If you prefer to transfer funds directly to PNEJ, contact Imelda Abano for account details and Swift code: imeldajournalist@gmail.com

Thank you! Your generosity makes all the difference.  

Many journalists lived in this once-subdivision, now an ocean of debris.