"13 New Books About Pollution — and How to Fight It"

"Pesticides, sewage, mining waste, air pollution and trash — these new books address the toxic elements in our society."

"It’s a dirty world out there — but it doesn’t have to be.

That message rings out from a slate of important new books covering the fight against various pollutants around the world. They examine everything from pesticides to air pollution and from mining waste to the trash that accumulates all around us. Along the way these books shine a light on some bigger stories — like our food system and human effects on complex ecosystems. They also dive deep into the racism, indifference, greed and ignorance that allow these toxic compounds to flourish in our world and in our bodies.

One group of pollutants didn’t make it onto this list: greenhouse gases. We’ll look at them in September’s column, covering timely new books on climate change.

But for now, here are 13 new dirty books about filth for your perusal, along with their cover descriptions. Each title links to its publisher’s site, but you should also be able to order these from any local or online bookseller or your favorite library."

John R. Platt reviews for The Revelator August 19, 2021.

Source: The Revelator, 08/24/2021