"Activists Dispute Theory of Mexico Lawmaker Murder"

"MEXICO CITY -- Water-rights activists on Tuesday questioned the theory of Mexican state prosecutors that the killing of a state legislator-elect this month was orchestrated by his designated substitute."

"The activists called for federal prosecutors to take over the case, saying the slain man was a strong opponent of a bitterly contested water project in the northern border state of Sonora.

Politicians in the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which won Mexico's presidency in July 1 elections, also voiced doubts about the prosecutors' theory on the killing of their candidate, Eduardo Castro Luque, on Sept. 14 in the farming city of Ciudad Obregon. They noted the state government is run by the rival National Action Party and said it is too biased to properly oversee the investigation. ...

The Citizen Movement for Water questioned why state prosecutors ruled out a dispute over an aqueduct being built to move billions of gallons of water from Ciudad Obregon to the state capital of Hermosillo. Castro had made his opposition to the project a central theme in his campaign and criticized the state governor for ordering construction to continue despite judicial orders to suspend it."

The Associated Press had the story September 25, 2012.

Source: AP, 09/26/2012