"Agencies Face Downsizing, Significant Personnel Shift in Obama Budget"

"Earlier this week, National Weather Service Director Jack Hayes delivered some difficult news to his small agency: The White House budget would remove one employee from each of the 122 weather forecasting offices."

"Twenty-four employees would keep their jobs, moving to regional offices that would serve as consolidated "help desks." Gone would be the extra hand during emergencies and the on-site information technology experts. Problems would be solved long-distance; IT employees who sometimes doubled as weather forecasters would vanish."

Emily Yehle reports for Greenwire February 15, 2012.


"Obama's Budget Touts Navigation, But Waterway Interests Aren't Happy" (Greenwire)

"EPA Proposal Cuts Water Infrastructure Funds, Increases Air, Water Pollution Grants" (Bloomberg BNA)

"Obama Again Proposes More Focused Mine Cleanups" (Charleston Gazette)

"President’s 2013 Budget Requests 6% Increase for Climate And Global Change Research" (Climate Science Watch)

"Obama Seeks Billions for Home Energy Retrofits, EVs" (USATODAY)

"Interior Dept. Faces Resistance in Push for More Public Lands" (McClatchy)

"U.S. To Cut Funds for Water Testing at Beaches" (Los Angeles Times)

"With Gas Tax Money Vanishing, Transportation Bills Mum On What Comes Next" (Huffington Post)

Source: Greenwire, 02/16/2012