"Asbestos Killing More Canadians Than Ever; Like Old 'Landmines'"

"An aggressive cancer linked to asbestos is killing more Canadians than ever before, even decades after the end of a boom that saw buildings stuffed with the toxic substance.

The number of reported new cases annually of mesothelioma shot up 67 per cent over a decade and a half -- from 276 across the country to 461 -- according to the most recent federal figures.

Experts warn that the upward trend will continue for years as Canada feels the residual impact of its asbestos boom, and will likely be far worse in developing countries that still heavily use Canadian exports.
Most people diagnosed with mesothelioma have only six months to two years to live.

In British Columbia, deaths from asbestos-related diseases have increased as much as 69 per cent between 2002 and this year, according to the provincial workers' compensation board."

Andy Blatchford reports for the Canadian Press November 9, 2009.

Source: Canadian Press, 11/09/2009