"Benzene Found 1,400 Feet From Leak Site"

"High benzene levels in groundwater have been detected about 1,400 feet downstream of the presumed source of a hydrocarbons leak northwest of Parachute, the state Department of Natural Resources said today."

"That’s the farthest such reported detection from the site, as the area of known contamination continues to grow.

A new monitoring well about 10 feet from the creek found benzene at 340 parts per billion, the state said. The drinking water standard for benzene is 5 ppb or less.

The state said six new monitoring points have been installed in that same area, and crews continue to pump from trenches along the north side of the creek to enhance groundwater flow away from the creek."

Dennis Webb reports for the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel April 12, 2013.

Source: Grand Junction Sentinel, 04/16/2013