In Booming Philly Neighborhoods, Lead-Poisoned Soil Is Resurfacing

"Breakneck construction has unearthed a toxic legacy, coating playgrounds and backyards with dangerous levels of lead dust".

"Her Kensington neighborhood is full of charm. Swank cafes with rustic wood and vintage lighting. Stoops and decks with skyline views. Young parents who bond at parks while their children play.

Jana Curtis, a mother of three, finds excitement in this urban renaissance.

But with it comes a sad reality.

Her daughter was poisoned by lead. The culprit wasn’t paint. Or tap water. But soil — in her own backyard."

Wendy Ruderman, Barbara Laker, and Dylan Purcell report for the Philadelphia Inquirer June 18, 2017, with photos and video by Jessica Griffin.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, 06/19/2017