California's Monterey Peninsula Turns to Desalination for Water

"As long as the tap turns on and runs clear, the source doesn’t take up much head space. Yet our regional water supply is easily the most politically loaded, historically controversial and bureaucratically complicated issue on the Peninsula. And it’s about to change dramatically.

The state water board is finally serious about making the Peninsula’s private water supplier, California American Water, stop sucking the Carmel River into a desiccated steelhead trap – and, for that matter, quit overdrafting the Seaside Basin (the groundwater store beneath Del Rey Oaks, Seaside and Sand City) before it fills with seawater. There go our two main water sources.

If that sounds abstract, try doubling your water bill. Now triple it. It’s not a question of whether the Regional Water Project will blow up your water rate over the next five years, just by what multiplier."

Kera Abraham reports for Monterey County Weekly June 24, 2010.

Source: Monterey Weekly, 06/30/2010