Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Making Progress But Falling Short: Report

"RICHMOND, Va. — Washington, D.C., and states within the Chesapeake Bay watershed are making progress to reduce pollution flowing into the hobbled estuary but none is on track to meet cleanup commitments set this year, an analysis by environmental groups concludes."

"The mixed assessment released Monday is based on an analysis of benchmarks each state and the district are aiming to meet by year’s end to help measure progress to restore the bay and keep the cleanup on track.

By 2017, they are expected to reach 60 percent of their pollution-reduction goals in hopes of achieving the Chesapeake’s restoration by 2025.

The multi-billion dollar restoration plan overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency was devised to ensure a commitment to cleaning up the nation’s largest estuary after decades of broken promises and neglect. Advocates for the bay say the measured carrot-and-stick approach is intended to ensure past failures are not repeated."

The Associated Press had the story July 8, 2013.

Source: AP, 07/09/2013