"Children Near DuPont Plant Exposed To More PFOA Than Moms"

"Children living near DuPont’s plant in West Virginia are exposed to much higher concentrations of an industrial chemical than their mothers, according to a newly published study."

"Children under 5, who are exposed from drinking water as well as their mothers’ breast milk, had 44 percent more of the perfluorinated chemical in their blood than their mothers. The study was undertaken by scientists who have spent seven years trying to determine whether the DuPont chemical is making people sick in the Mid-Ohio Valley. The discovery about moms and their children comes as scientists elsewhere linked the chemical, known as PFOA, and related chemicals to reduced effectiveness of childhood vaccinations. The compounds are used to manufacture Teflon cookware, food packaging and other products."

Marla Cone reports for Environmental Health News January 25, 2012.


"C8 May Make Vaccines Less Effective, Study Says" (Charleston Gazette)

Source: EHN, 01/25/2012