"China's High-Speed-Rail Revolution"

"China has begun operating what is, by several measures, the world's fastest rail line... . Rail experts say the builders of the new WuGuang line deserve more bragging rights than the trains' European and Japanese designers. ... Unlike many high-speed lines that repurpose older tracks, this one was designed from the ground up for very high-speed operation over hundreds of kilometers. Bridges and tunnels, as well as the concrete bed beneath the track, have been designed to safely rocket passengers around, through, or over the natural and man-made obstacles that would otherwise force the trains to slow down. Plenty more speedy lines are coming in China under an ambitious build-out initiated in 2006 by China's Ministry of Railways, and accelerated with government stimulus funds."

Peter Fairley reports for Technology Review January 11, 2010.

Source: Technology Review, 01/12/2010