"Coast Guard Report: Poor Safety Practices Exacerbated BP Disaster"

"Exactly one year after the immolated hulk of the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon sank in the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard on Friday blasted the rig's owner, Transocean, for what it described as poor safety practices that exacerbated the disaster after BP's Macondo well blew out.

In a 288-page report from the government's nearly year-long investigation of the tragedy, which took 11 lives and led to America's worst oil spill, the Coast Guard concluded that Transocean had 'serious safety management system failures and a poor safety culture manifested in continued maintenance deficiencies, training and knowledge gaps, and emergency preparedness weaknesses.'

The report says Swiss-based Transocean, operator of the world's largest fleet of deepwater drilling rigs, has a culture that can be described as "running it until it breaks," "only if it's convenient" and "going through the motions."

Transocean allowed gas alarms and shutdown systems to be bypassed; failed to maintain electricity systems that may have ignited the gas once it leaked from the well; and did not adequately train personnel for how to deal with a gusher, the Coast Guard concluded. The report takes no action but offers dozens of safety-improvement recommendations for consideration by the Coast Guard commandant."

Joel Achenbach reports for the Washington Post April 22, 2011.


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Source: Wash Post, 04/25/2011